Why Poured in Place Surfaces are Your Best Choice for Your Playground


Recently, many parks, daycare centers and private schools are beginning to use poured in place flooring. This is a 2-layer system that has two materials first using being 100% recycled rubber the second being polyurethane. Just prior to application, the two materials are merged. The thickness of the surface can be customized to be applied to both commercial or residential playgrounds and meet safety requirements.

Is poured in place flooring worthwhile? Playgrounds that use wood chips or sand have two major problems compared to rubber flooring. Tripping hazards caused by unlevel surfaces are common with both of these surfaces found in older playgrounds. Having to replenish the materials in playground surfaces like mulch and sand can become costly. Rain and snow can also create a large mess with these surfaces. Water does not effect poured rubber flooring, it allows playtime even when it is rainy outside. Playgrounds that will need to accommodate those with special needs can also use this safe flooring.

Rubber flooring allows many possibilities when designing the playground. No matter your needs, rubber flooring can be fully customized even down to the color. These surfaces can also incorporate your school logo or baseball and football field lines. No matter what you decide to change, the surface will always be a smooth and seamless rubber surface. Your rubber surface will be the safest option that is available.

The company that installs your poured in place flooring is required to meet ASTM standards for safety. To complete the whole process, the installers will need to be fully trained and experienced. You will need to find and use a certified installer. You can find many different companies that specialize only in rubber surfaces and have the experience needed for installation. A Head Impact Safety Analysis test will be performed by trained contractors who also have specialized equipment. You need to take safety seriously and only hire the best contractor for your new and unique rubber surface on your residential or commercial playground.

The added safety of a poured in place surface is what is making this flooring choice the top choice for schools and daycares. This type of surface offers a safer area for play while also allowing unlimited customization options for any use. Your unique rubber surface might be more expensive then other materials, but the added safety is worth it.

The rubber surface that is installed by an experienced installer will last for many years to come as well as increase safety at your establishment Hire an experienced poured in place contractor to update your old playground surface to a new rubber floor. Contact playground flooring installers to know more!


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